Characters have four Main Stats – Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Spirit, and four Derived Stats. Your stats will increase when you level up (see Leveling Up). The Main Stats are:

* STRENGTH - Physical power, endurance and overall health.
* AGILITY - Speed, hand-eye coordination, and overall agility.
* INTELLIGENCE - Alertness, factual knowledge, and overall intelligence.
* SPIRIT - Strength of personality and overall spiritual power.

Depending on which class you select, one of these will be a Primary stat and one will be a Secondary stat. When your character levels up, these will advance at a higher rate.

Stat / Skill Rolls - During the game you'll make lots of "stat rolls," which means roll a d100 and compare the result to a certain Stat (or Skill). You want to get equal to or lower than your Stat or Skill, so low rolls are better. Rolls are generally not modified; modifiers due to circumstances, equipment, skill mastery or other factors apply to the Stat or Skill being rolled against. In general, modifiers are as follows:

  • Very Hard: -30
  • Hard: -20
  • Difficult: -10
  • Normal: +0
  • Basic: +10
  • Easy: +20
  • Very Easy: +30

A Note on Automatic Successes – Many Racial and Class Abilities confer automatic successes, generally on Normal or easier tests. This only applies to Normal or easier tests! Any test that is Difficult or harder (e.g., has a negative modifier) must be rolled as usual.

Generating Main Stats
Your race will determine how you calculate your starting stats. Use the following table:

Brogan 10+d10 25+d10 35+d10 25+10
Ghizan 25+d10 35+d10 10+d10 25+d10
Marit 20+d10 25+d10 25+d10 25+d10
Norian 35+d10 25+d10 10+d10 25+d10
Ph'nong 25+d10 35+d10 25+d10 10+d10
Telatal 25+d10 25+d10 20+d10 25+d10
Teros 20+d10 30+d10 25+d10 20+d10

Derived Stats
Next, we need to figure out the “Derived Stats” – Power, Accuracy, Life and Fortune.

* POWER is added to damage rolls from melee and thrown attacks. Power is equal to the first digit of your Strength score.
* ACCURACY is added to damage rolls from ranged attacks. Accuracy is equal to the first digit of your Agility score.
* LIFE is the number of wounds you can take before being knocked out of a fight and possibly killed. Add up the first digit of all four main stats to find Life.
* FORTUNE is used to 1) re-roll any failed stat roll, 2) get a free action, or (optional) 3) activate some supernatural powers or items. Fortune is replenished each game session. It is not saved between sessions, so use it or lose it. Fortune is equal to the first digit of your Spirit score.

Glory isn't really a stat – it's like “experience points” in other games. Every time you collect 10 Glory, you level up, and it's also a measure of how famous (or infamous!) your character is. You start with zero Glory, but you'll gain it during play.

Whereas Glory is a measure of the level of your character's fame, Rep uses a sliding scale of -10 to +10 to describe what you're famous for and how different factions will react to you. This is not intended to be a system of measuring the morality of your decisions, however. You earn "positive Rep" for doing jobs for the establishment such as the Marit Authority, Galactic Council, etc., and "negative Rep" for doing underground jobs for Fixers, crime lords, and so on – regardless of the relative morality of the job itself. For example, if a Fixer asks you to steal a shipment of medicine heading toward a corrupt politician's estate and deliver it to a desperate, plague-embattled colony, that's negative Rep. If a corrupt politician asks you to steal a shipment of medicine heading toward a desperate, plague-embattled colony, that's positive Rep.

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