What's New in the Tomb?

Gonen's World: The Roleplaying Game (posted by Seann 5-30-08) - Here are the complete, play-tested rules for the Gonen's World game. It's just one long document - I realize it would be more user-friendly if it was all linked and cross-referenced, but I just don't have time for that. Also, you will see occasional references to page numbers; this is because I do still plan on putting it together in illustrated book form at some point. Finally, it omits several excellent short stories by Ryan and Colin that will be in the final book. But, for those who want to see how the rules ended up after play-testing, or are just interested, please look here.

Cape City Archive (posted by Seann 4-18-08) - I thought this was lost to gaming history, but fortune smiled on me and I found some old documents from the Cape City game (back when it was called "Crescent" City). Right now this page just features text documents, but I do have the entire run of Crescent City Comet and Eyewitness Magazine, and I'll put them up here as well. If Cape City is revived (and I think it's more a matter of when), this archive will be subsumed into a new page. But for now, it's all right here.

Arnegax (updated by Ryan 4-14-08) - Work in progress for a "space opera" style game using the Game Frame, and set in the universe of Buck Goodsense, et al. Default setting is some five years after the original campaign. The Brogan have finally allowed the Marit to leave their humble system and join the galactic community, introducing them to strange new races and technologies. You can find this work in progress here.

Sea of Shards Background Info (posted by Seann 3-26-08) - Here is a pulp-inspired "science fantasy" campaign setting. It was originally designed for a short anime-like campaign using Tri-Stat/BESM. Since then it has languished, but I have a soft spot for this world, so it might as well be cataloged here. I keep telling myself I'm going to use this again someday. Until then, check it out.

Gonen's World Background Info (posted by Seann 3-25-08) - Here's my collection of "default essays" on the geography, history and culture of Gonen's World. Most of this text will appear in the forthcoming PDF of the rulebook, but I include it here for ease of reference. This information is as "official" as it gets, and reflects the reality of the default Gonen's World setting (and timeline…!). It's all right here.

Game Frame (posted by Seann 3-21-08) - Now that the Gonen's World game system is complete, I've gone back and removed all of the GW-centric rules and references. I'm trying to strip it back to its bare bones to use as a "platform" for building games in other settings and genres. I don't necessarily see it as a stand-alone "universal" system, but as a common skeleton. That's why I've been calling the system "Game Frame." At any rate, it's bound to ebb and flow a bit as I (and hopefully you) tinker with it. Check it out here.

Homemade Universal Game (posted by Seann 3-21-08) - This "rules-lite" RPG developed concurrently with Gonen's World. In the end, it didn't make the cut, and I started using it for a board game mechanic. That didn't go anywhere. But I've dusted it off recently and made it the basis for an RPG for one-shots or short (1-4 episode) campaigns. In spirit, it's much like Game Frame, but with dice pools instead of percentiles. Read all about it right here.

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