Skill descriptions are intentionally broad. For example, Shoot allows you to shoot any weapon from the most meager pistol to the craziest backpack-powered laser machinegun (though there is a distinction between handheld weapons and ship weapons systems; see below).

Block (Strength) – Use this during combat when you want to use force to stop an incoming blow. Block is only effective against melee attacks. Unarmed characters may block melee weapons for half damage. Characters may Block once per round.

Charm (Spirit) – Use this to persuade, influence or seduce others with your personality.

Doctor (Intelligence) – Use this to treat wounds, and prevent and cure diseases specific to the character's race.

Dodge (Agility) – Use this during combat when you want to use your agility to avoid an incoming blow. You can Dodge ranged attacks, but this is abstracted; you aren't literally dodging bullets or energy beams, you're just making the enemy miss. Characters may Dodge once per round.

Engineering (Intelligence) – Use this to invent and fabricate parts for complex machines. This is distinct from Mechanics in that while Mechanics gives you the knowledge to put parts together to make them work, engineering gives you the ability to create new parts, modify complex systems, and even invent entirely new gadgets.

Fight (Strength) – Use this to make melee (hand-to-hand) attacks, either armed or unarmed.

Gossip (Spirit) – Use this to gather information or spread rumors.

Gunner (Agility) – Use this to accurately aim and fire shipboard weapons systems.

Hide (Agility) – Use this to avoid detection. Obviously, you can’t hide if there are no hiding places nearby…

Intimidate (Spirit) – Use this to scare others into doing what you want – or at least into making them think about it!

Knowledge (Intelligence) – Use this to see whether you remember bits of common knowledge, trivia, history, and so on.

Mechanics (Agility) – Use this to diagnose and repair complex machines such as ships. Only the Mechanic class can do this without a penalty.

Navigate (Intelligence) – Use this to figure out where you are and where you’re going, whether on land, sea or in the sky.

Notice (Intelligence) – Use this to perceive what’s going on around you.

Pilot (Agility) – Use this to operate spaceships.

Research (Intelligence) – Use this to investigate something by searching through archived material – libraries, laboratories, databases, etc.

Science (Intelligence) – Use this as a catch-all for scientific creation and discovery. Can overlap a bit with Engineer; GM should use his discretion. Science gives the ability to follow an ion trail left by a ship, analyze the chemical content of a planet's atmosphere, create a new drug, etc.

Search (Intelligence) – Use this to find clues, hidden doors or specific items.

Security (Intelligence) – Use this to pick digital locks, hack into unauthorized computer systems, etc.

Shoot (Agility) – Use this to make ranged attacks in combat.

Sleight of Hand (Agility) – Use this to pick pockets, palm objects, and perform other feats of legerdemain.

Sneak (Agility) – Use this to move without being seen or heard.

Swim (Strength) – Use this to stay afloat and move through water, or navigate quickly through zero-gravity environments.

Track (Intelligence) – Use this to use physical evidence to track down a particular target (ship, creature, etc). Often useful in conjunction with Gossip.

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