The flora and fauna of Primus are perfectly adapted for life on a gas giant. Most common are the gigantic Floaters. These balloon-like beings are miles wide, and spend their lives lazily floating in the ether, grazing on helium-plankton. Floaters are so large that in some cases, people have been known to live on them like parasites. Floaters are numerous despite the fact that they are the prey of humans and other races. The most serious predator on Primus are the Hunters - great winged monsters that eat the Floaters for their stored helium. There are so many types of both Floaters and Hunters that no one has ever categorized them all. Also common on the worldlets themselves are the full range of terrestrial animals, as well as many bizarre oddities. The ancient genetic manipulation that created the Animal-Folk created many strange and wonderous creatures, some of which seem to have almost magical abilities. All manner of surprising animals and plants can be found among the Sea of Shards.

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