The weapons of Primus are as diverse as its islands and its people, but a few general trends predominate. Various forms of blade are the most common sort of weapon, and in some areas sword-making is considered a form of art, and sword-makers are highly respected. Many swords have been infused with strange properties by various rays as the sword is constructed.

Firearms are also popular, though among the warrior class such weapons are frowned upon as cowardly. Nevertheless, the Sixgun, Slugthrower, and Scattergun are a common hazard as one sails among the islands in the ether.

There are other exotic weapons as well, but only the blade and firearm are spread throughout the lands of Primus.

In addition to weaponry - or sometimes instead of it - some warriors follow a particular fighting style. Each style emphasizes a different aspect of hand-to-hand combat (kicks, throws, etc.) and many include specialized stunts or quasi-mystical power built up through a warrior's innate chi, or aura. Some folk who do not adhere to the old ways scoff at this concept, however.

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