Outside of animals, the most common form of travel between islands is the airship. The term is misleading, for their are hundreds of kinds of airships. Nevertheless, there are predominant broad classifications into which most airships fit, however bizarrely they may have been modified.

Tiny class ships are the smallest type, and are useful for their high acceleration and maneuverability. However, the top speed of a Tiny ship is relatively low, and it is particularly vulnerable to direct hits.

Medium class refers to a wide range of craft sizes - basically, anything not tiny or huge is considered an airtroll. This is by far the most common type of airship, serving as everything from a tramp freighter to a military patrol cruiser.

Huge class ships are the largest. These massive craft usually carry scores of crew members and many tons of cargo. Aside from a few large trade ships, the majority of wardregs are used as military craft.

Finally, there are freakishly large ships generally referred to as Juggernauts. Ships the size of cities, juggernauts usually serve as semi-permanent artificial islands, rather than traveling craft.

In addition to airships, the races of Primus have found many other ways to get around. All manner of gliders, pedal-powered air bikes, and more exotic craft abound.

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