It is said that in ancient times, there was only one gigantic floating island on Primus. In those days, folk possessed great powers, and created mighty machines to do their will. The ancient epics tell of the Apocalypse War, when powerful mecha destroyed the First World and shattered it into thousands of fragments - thus, the Sea of Shards was born.

While surviving artifacts of the First World are beyond rare, folk have whispered for thousands of years that keys and clues to the ancients' power must be scattered throughout the ether, perhaps buried in the cores of the many worldlets of the Sea of Shards. Given the fate of the First World, most people think those ancient secrets are best left forgotten. Yet there remain a few who seek the lost secrets, whether for good or evil. Until recently, most of those people have been considered crazy. No real evidence for the First World existed - it was just a myth.

In recent times, however, a top secret cabal among the elite class of The Order began a serious search for the lost technology spoken of in the mythical epics. This cabal was ruled by General Zorba. A brilliant military commander, his otherwise-razor sharp mind was demented from secret studies of occult writings. Zorba and his cabal began to experiment with the Black Ray, a facet of light that is unknown to everyone outside the cabal. With the Black Ray, Zorba began to communicate with the spirits of the dead. With the technology thus gained, Zorba and the cabal uncovered the ruins of a giant mecha on the small world of Shoto. Slowly, painstakingly, and in great secrecy, the cabal excavated the mecha, removed it to Zorba's private Juggernaut (Skull Station) and reverse-engineered it. Within several years, the cabal had constructed six mechas and used them to stage a coup on The Order's homeworld of Praseodimeum. The Order, which prior to the coup had been a fairly liberal oligarchy of nobles and trade barons, became more and more of a fascist state.

Soon, Zorba became the Supreme Leader of The Order, and began the brutal expansion and annexation of its neighbors that exists to this day.

The most potent weapons The Order possesses are the Six Furies - the mecha created by studying the shell of the ancient robot found on Shoto. They are called Fear, Loathing, Wrath, Dominance, Slaughter, and Vengeance. Each of these six mechas has its own special properties.

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