Only the upper atmosphere of Primus is habitable - a layer about 1,000 miles thick. This is a HUGE amount of space, all of it filled with brilliant arrays of multi-colored clouds. You never know what color the skies of Primus will be on any given day, but mostly they are a deep red-orange, filled with swirls of other colors. The atmosphere is so thick, and the cloud cover is so constant, that no one on Primus has ever seen the stars. Astronomy is unknown.

In the depths of the atmosphere, temperatures increase rapidly, and the atmospheric pressure becomes crushingly intense. Anything that falls into the lower atmosphere is crushed and fried (not necessarily in that order!).

Of the worldlets that float in the ether, the largest is Praseodimeum, in the control of The Order. The second-largest is Arkadia, the home of The Concord. These are nearly continent-sized. Between and around them float the abundant, diverse worldlets that make up the Sea of Shards. Great floating forests of fungi and ferns drift among them. Some are even carnivorous!

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