The enemy of all freedom-loving folk is The Order, a fascist state. From their home island of Prasiodimeum, these militaristic predators have spread their conquering tentacles through the ether, bent on dominating all to their will. But what dark secret drives this mad quest for power?

The rulers of some of the independent kingdoms nearby are in thrall to The Order, and may act against innocent folk if their masters order it.

There are many other dangerous folk in the Sea of Shards; the Hawk People, while not wholly evil, are motivated purely by self-interest, and will often attack travellers. A similar threat are the Blimb Bandits, ordinary humans who have been outcast from civilized society, and make their living as sky pirates.

Some enemies live within The Concord, using legal loopholes in the freedom-loving laws of Arkadia to do evil. One example is the Dazzi Corporation, which is seemingly a normal company that sells normal goods, but is in actuality quite secretive and has their own dark agenda. Most people don't trust the Dazzi Corporation, but have no proof that it is up to anything illegal or unsavory.

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