Sea of Shards is a "science-fantasy" campaign set on the planet Primus, a huge gas giant in a far-off solar system. The most interesting thing about Primus is that is has thousands of tiny worldlets floating in its upper atmosphere - like moons, but set within the skies of the planet. Folk travel through the "ether," as they call it, from island to island on airships or on flying animals. Magic is real, and technology is almost as mysterious. Warriors fight with swords, guns, and martial arts. They may go up against the fascist state called The Order, fight blimp bandits and Hawk People, or seek out adventures on the countless small islands that drift in the ether. Overshadowing all is the impending war between The Order and The Concord, a free republic, and fear of ancient technology that once destroyed the world. For more details, see the following pages:

What's going on, in terms of recent history? What's the set-up that leads to the adventures the characters undertake? Read on:

1. Ray Technology was adapted from an idea by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
2. Hunters and Floaters were taken wholesale from Carl Sagan's book COSMOS.
3. Blimp bandits were adapted from Alan Moore's TOM STRONG comic.

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