Leveling Up

When you’ve accumulated 10 Glory, you level up. Every time you do so, this happens:

  • Your Primary Stat increases by 5
  • Your Secondary Stat increases by 3
  • Of the two remaining Stats, select one to increase by 2, and one to increase by 1
  • Your Life increases by rolling your class's Life Die and adding the total to your Life
  • Then, you may either:
    • Increase two Class Skills by 5%
    • Select a new Class Skill and increase one Class Skill (which may be the one you just picked) by 5%
    • Increase one non-Class Skill by 5%, and do nothing else
    • Select a new non-Class Skill, and do nothing else
    • Change Class, and do nothing else.

Remember that when you improve a stat, any skill linked to that stat will also improve. But in addition, you can increase two skills by 5 each – so it’s possible your score in a particular skill could increase by up to 15 percent when you level, if you increase a skill in your Skills Package twice which is associated with your class's Primary Stat.

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