This simple game uses "pools" of special dice. Each has a two dots. If you don't have the special dice, use a normal d6 and consider a 5 or 6 the dots (consider the 1-4 blank). Dots are called "hits" and blanks are called…"blanks."

Most of the time, you roll multiple dice – a “pool” – and try to score either 2, 4, or 6 Hits, depending on how hard the task is. During fights, you just try to roll more Hits than your opponent.

Characters have Aspects and Abilities, and may have special powers as well.

Aspects represent a character’s innate characteristics. Characters have three Aspects: Body, Mind, and Soul. A character splits SEVEN dice between the three Aspects (e.g., Body 3, Mind 2, Spirit 2, or Body 5, Mind 1, Spirit 1, and so on).

Abilities represent basic facets of physique and personality. A character splits TWENTY-ONE dice between the nine Abilities.
There are nine Abilities:

  • Grace, Health, Might
  • Guile, Lore, Sense
  • Aura, Luck, Will

The abilities are grouped together this way as a guide to what "goes together" - see more about this in Tasks, below.

Each character also has HERO DICE, which may be used on any roll, in addition to other dice. Hero Dice are regained at a rate determined by the GM (Gritty – Renewed each game session; Heroic – Renewed each game day; Cinematic – Renewed each “real” hour of gaming). Each player has SEVEN Hero Dice.

There are two main game mechanics:

  • Tasks
  • Fights

Each is described in more detail below:

Tasks are tests of a character’s Aspects and/or Abilities.

To succeed at a Task, roll Aspect Dice + Ability Dice. A score of 2, 4, or 6 Hits succeeds, depending on how difficult the task is.

Modifiers affect the die pool, not the target number.

A roll of all Blanks is a Catastrophic Failure.

A roll of all Hits is a Spectacular Success.

Opposed Tasks – Participants attempt the same Task. The successful character with the most Hits wins.

Use this guide to determine what Aspect and Abilities "go together" on Tasks:

BODY Grace Health Might
MIND Guile Lore Sense
SOUL Aura Luck Will

Fights are combat-related activities.

To succeed at a Fight, roll Ability Dice + Weapon or Armor Dice. This is not a Task, so you're not trying to score a 2, 4 or 6 - you just want to get more Hits than your opponent.

Fights consist of attacks and defenses. Attacks use Ability + Weapon Dice, and defenses use Ability + Armor Dice. If the defender scores more Hits, he is unharmed. If the attacker scores more Hits, the defender takes the difference in Wounds.

Movement - All characters can move 5 meters (represent as 5” on tabletop) per round. When running, this increases to 10. Characters can MOVE and ATTACK in a round. Defense is free. “Move” is considered any action other than attacking (drawing/reloading a weapon, etc.).

Some weapons are RANGED. The number given is the maximum distance at which they are effective. Beyond this range, apply modifiers as necessary. Ranged attacks CAN be defended against. "Bullet Spray" types of attacks add 1-3 dice to the user’s Attack, but use up a full load of ammo.

Grapping - attacks result in loser being GRAPPLED, instead of taking wounds. All the character can do is try to break the Grapple (a successful Attack).

After 1-3 sessions, characters "level up" (Gritty - every 3 sessions; Heroic - every 2 sessions; Cinematic - every 3 sessions). When this happens, each character gets 1 Aspect Die, 3 Ability Dice, and 1 Hero Die. These may be assigned wherever the player wishes. No more than 1 die may be assigned to an Ability.

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