The GM may allow the option of Areas of Knowledge, or AOKs. These are broad activities or specialties, and it should be a short list (but nothing prevents you from making a long one). They are grouped into Physical and Mental AOKs.

Characters get a number of Physical AOKs equal to Body. They get a number of Mental AOKs equal to Mind. You can apply AOKs twice, giving yourself up to two AOKs in any one thing.

Essentially, an AOK is simply an "automatic Hit" when making a Task or Fight roll related to that activity.

Example: Special Agent Moldy has 1 Occult AOK. He needs to research a symbol scrawled on the wall of a crime scene. It's an average Task so he needs 4 Hits. He makes a Mind + Lore roll and gets 3 Hits - that's not enough. But he gets an automatic Hit from his Occult AOK, so he succeeds at the Task.

The following default AOKs are suggested. Where they are applicable should be obvious. If not, they mean whatever the GM thinks they mean.

Physical AOKs

  • Jumps & Flips
  • Bending & Breaking
  • Hide & Sneak
  • Driving (or Flying, or whatever)
  • Melee Combat
  • Ranged Combat

Mental AOKs

  • Arcana
  • Bypass Security
  • Culture
  • Finding Things
  • Fixing Things
  • Science

Level Up - During Level Up, a character can learn 1-3 new AOKs and assign them wherever (Gritty-1; Heroic-2; Cinematic-3). No more than 2 can be assigned to any one thing.

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