The mysterious disappearance of Lander Orijiabi threw Vlodasai into turmoil, as Olegland, Seawall, Gefahr, Saltwash and Rockwall rebelled almost immediately. The remaining merchant houses of Highseat, having chafed under Orijiabi’s iron fist for too long, were unable to keep those nations in the fold as they warred among themselves for control.

Eventually, the entire mainland erupted into a devastating civil war that lasted 200 years. Whole regions were laid waste. War killed thousands, and plague and starvation killed thousands more. Across the land, local warlords rose to power and were repeatedly deposed in favor of rival warlords.

The Republic of Blackpool, meanwhile, used newly-created clockwork golems to conquer Saltwash and much of southern Olegland in order to secure a steady grain supply to the food-poor islands. The dispossessed Cartago nobility fled to the Isle of Oranje, where they founded a government-in-exile (they never came back, and the Oranji people began to develop a distinctive culture of their own).

The Church of the Way attempted to mitigate the disaster on the mainland by developing spells that created food for the starving and destitute, but the sect of the Redeemers – having a great deal of power since the days of the Spider Wars – soon seized control of the church. The Redeemers used the promise of food to bring Highseat into submission, and took control of Farwall. They consolidated power and instituted an oppressive regime. Some folk began to whisper that the sect had become corrupt during the Spider Wars, when demonic entities took control of key leaders. Whatever the case, the Redeemers radically parted with the peaceful tenets of the Way and became tyrannical puritans, bent on seizing and keeping power in Vlodasai.

All that changed when a freebooting adventurer claiming to be Farin Bachnife-Orijiabi – Lander’s wife – seemingly appeared out of nowhere with a ragtag army of mercenaries, Marshlanders and domesticated Flinds. Her army, along with the apparently supernatural power of an aeronaut called Darius, defeated the Redeemers.

Farin claimed the right to rule Farwall by her marriage to Lander Orijiabi. Few believed her tale, as the real Farin would have been a few hundred years old by that time. Though her tale of having been imprisoned in a magical bottle for 250 years did not convince the entire populace of her legitimacy, she was a welcome change to the Redeemers, and, with the aid of Darius (who, it is said, simply wished the Redeemer’s airships to fall from the sky before being mystically transformed into a demigod), seemed to have the blessings of Gonen Himself.

Farin declared herself Queen of Farwall and immediately began to consolidate her power over the rest of Vlodasai.

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