The Odium Empire erupted out of the land of Orbeal. One of the nine tribes of Orbeal, the Odiumites, began to worship a being called Doktum – whether this being was from another world remains a mystery. Old images of Doktum clearly depict him as humanoid, but alien to the races of Gonen’s World. Some theorize he may have been a demon.

Whatever Doktum’s true nature, he taught the Odiumites new secrets of magic and technology. They used this power to conquer Orbeal, then they swept into the southern continent and overtook the kingdoms of Chaaldenaard and Aanx.

Odium consolidated power for the next 300 years. Records also indicate a limited war with Kathkari, which was settled by treaty and resulted in a flourishing trade. Meanwhile, the Odiumites virtually enslaved the people they conquered, and the civilizations of the Age of Antiquity faded away under the yoke of Odium.

Following the treaty with the Kathkari, the Odiumite war fleet sailed to Vlodasai. After a protracted 10-year war, Volterna fell in the east. The cities to the west of the Oleg River and the great cliff known as the Far Wall maintained a precarious independence as they harried the Odiumite legions (which were stretched thin following the conquest of Vlodasai) with guerilla tactics for the next 100 years.

The Odiumites founded the cities of Orcho and Shirhyazj, where they constructed the so-called “power towers.” These artifacts are thought to have been experiments designed to teleport large numbers of soldiers or siege engines, but their effectiveness remains unknown (today, the power tower at Shirhyazj is ruined, and the one at Orcho is under the control of the Barony of Farwall).

Although records are unclear, Doktum appears to have sickened and died at some point just prior to a slave revolt in Orcho. Monks at Mog Ograth also claimed to have used the white flowers to call down heavenly fire on the Odiumite homelands. Whatever the case, these factors contributed to the fall of Odium almost overnight.

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