The calendar in use across Vlodasai begins with the establishment of the city of Col Sador on Blackpool Island, which happened shortly after the Odiumites pulled out of Vlodasai.

Most of the old Voltern and Cartago cities in the east of Vlodasai had been extensively re-worked by Odium, and were abandoned. Within a few decades, the region was overrun with wilderness and foul beasts, and the center of Voltern culture in Vlodasai moved west of the Oleg River and to the Blackpool islands.

Over the next several hundred years, Voltern culture flourished, and, after some false starts and minor border wars, the nations that exist today emerged.

Vlodasai remained isolated for most of the Age of Fable; contact with the southern continents was diminished to limited trade between Blackpool and Jamerik, and the kingdoms of antiquity faded into semi-legendary status.

Warfare and strife continued, however, as the nations of Vlodasai jockeyed for power. Rockwall and Saltwash became free city-states, although Rockwall was tied economically to Farwall, and Saltwash to Olegland. Despite occasional wars between the nations, trade and culture flourished. Powerful merchant interests began to dominate the cities – particularly Galeg Kar and Farwall – while the old Voltern nobility was prominent in rural areas and the smaller nations.

The Age of Fable is known as an age of chivalry, as several prominent orders of knights began to sweep the fringes of the Elder Lands. Countless popular legends and stories date to this period, hence its name.
By the mid-point of the Age of Fable it became apparent that pockets of Odiumites still existed in secret. With the use of subtle magic, these groups began to influence some members of the nobility, particularly in the regions surrounding Galeg Kar and Rockwall. This resulted in the birth of Omnadre- and demon-worshipping cults, most notably the Cult of the Purple Spider.

These cults soon grew so powerful that they began to influence trade and politics across Vlodasai. In response, templars of the Way from Farwall and Seawall – a sect known as the Redeemers – invaded Olegland and fought a bitter urban war against the cults. This long, drawn-out conflict (today often referred to as the Spider Wars) eventually forced the cults underground, although it is rumored they still exist in secret to this very day. Rockwall and Galeg Kar were decimated in the fighting, and when it was over, Farwall emerged as the dominant power on mainland Vlodasai.

Meanwhile, the disruption of trade caused severe grain shortages in Blackpool, which led directly to the overthrow of that kingdom by republican forces. The Republic of Blackpool was founded toward the end of the Age of Fable. The republican government’s attitude toward Farwall and the rest of the mainland deteriorated, as the newly powerful merchant houses of Highseat manipulated the economy to their own advantage. By the end of the Age of Fable, relations between Blackpool and the mainland were tense, to say the least.

In the twilight years of the age, a scion of one Highseat’s merchant houses – one Lander Orijiabi – returned from the Elder Lands in possession of eldritch Odiumite technology. Using this dark knowledge, Orijiabi seized power in Highseat. He married a fellow adventurer, Farin Bachnife, and ruled with an iron fist for the next 60 years – years which saw extensive technological advances, including the invention of guns and airships.

By the end of the Age of Fable, Orijiabi had, by force, diplomacy, and economic terrorism, extended his control across most of the mainland.

And then he disappeared.

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