Today, the forces of Farwall have negotiated treaties with Seawall, Olegland, and the city-states of Rockwall; they are allied to, but not unified with, Saltwash.

The Republic of Blackpool retains its control over the islands and the Red Coast, and continues to cast a greedy eye north at the rest of Vlodasai.

However, open hostilities have died down, and a tense stalemate between Farwall and Blackpool now looms over the land. Neither side desires outright war with the other, preferring instead to use diplomacy and more devious means to gain control over unallied regions.

Consequently, it is a time of great intrigue, as Queen Farin’s spies do battle with the nefarious agents of Blackpool. But all of that happens behind the scenes – on the surface, trade flourishes between the two regions, as well as with distant Jamerik, and for the average denizen of Vlodasai, life is good.

Eventually, however, the balance of power will have to tip one way or the other.

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