The earliest civilizations were far south or east of Vlodasai. The ancient kingdoms of Aanx, Chaaldenaard and Orbeal rose to prominence during the Age of Antiquity, but little is known today about those mysterious peoples, other than the ruins and artifacts they left behind.

Meanwhile, the land of Kathkari (to the west of Vlodasai, and populated entirely by that race) began to expand north from the shores of the Azure Sea (far to the west of Vlodasai) and push the Voltern people out of the Lythian Highlands. The Voltern migrated across the sea to Vlodasai, where they conquered the native Cartago in the south and Wee Moldai in the north. They founded the Kingdom of Volterna (today called Old Volterna). The largest province of the kingdom was in what is today the Elder Lands. The Voltern also founded the cities of Galeg Kar and Nargo, and settled in the native cities of Seawall, Highseat, Rockwall and Saltwash.

The Kingdom of Volterna prospered during the final centuries of the Age of Antiquity, and began limited trade with the southern kingdoms.

Then came the Odium Empire, and the second age of Gonen’s World.

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