Most people in Vlodasai live their whole lives in one place and rarely travel anywhere. Adventurers are different, and will be concerned about how long it takes to get places.

Travel Speeds for vehicles (see page x) are expressed as squares on a “regional map,” like this one.

The most common form of travel is by cart or stagecoach – these run regularly between the major cities of Vlodasai, and cost about 5-20f, depending on how far you’re going.

River travel is common, as well, although it is mostly used for freight. Passengers barges are rare, but travelers can always hitch a ride by making a deal with the captain of a trade barge.

Sea travel is avoided, but there are many fishing trawls and other such craft in operation.

More daring passengers may take the skies. Passenger airships are expensive (about 100f) but can get almost anywhere within three or four days.

Popular coaching lines are Red Rider and Intrepid Lines; popular airship lines are Dragon Coach and Osprey Air.

Hoofing It – When money is short, adventurers often simply walk where they need to go. They can walk .25 squares a day on the regional map; being on horseback increases this to .5.

Vlodasai in the Classic Age is generally blooming, and lucky travelers can often survive with a few Forage rolls on short journeys – wild fruits and vegetables, rabbits and small foul are abundant.

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