All vehicles follow the same basic rules, with a few differences here and there.
Vehicle chases and combats should be fast-paced and dramatic. These rules are not intended to be a realistic simulation of tactical vehicle combat, but a storytelling device.

Vehicle Stats
All vehicles have the following stats:

  • Mobility – This measures how fast the vehicle can go and how easy it is to control. This includes the acceleration of the ship. It is expressed as “+x” or “-x,” with “x” being the modifier to Pilot tests.
  • Travel Speed – This is how many “squares per day” the vehicle can move on regional game maps. It’s also an relative expression of how fast the vehicle is compared to others.
  • Armor – Some vehicles are armored; this tells what kind of armor the vehicle has, if any. Vehicle armor works just like regular armor, except that it is more durable (that is, more armor points).
  • Life – This is just like Life for characters.
  • Weapons – This simply lists the weapons on the vehicle, if any. In general, airships only mount Heavy weapons. Unless the GM says otherwise, all weapons are assumed to be turret-mounted – any weapon can fire at any target.
  • Cargo Capacity – This is given as a number of “spaces.” Cargo is bought and sold by the space. If the vehicle carries passengers, 1 space holds 8 passengers (eight people in a large room, or eight small rooms, etc. – this configuration is up to the ship’s owner).
  • Crew – This gives the minimum number of crew required to operate the vehicle.
  • Salvage – If you are using rules for inventions, this is the number of salvage units that can be harvested from the vehicle.

Vehicle Combat
Vehicle combat works just like regular combat.

The pilot makes Agility rolls (or uses Pilot or appropriate skill) to move the ship. Gunners also make Agility rolls to shoot (or the appropriate skill). The GM can make this a Intelligence roll if high technology is involved.

Dueling vehicles are at close, short, medium, long, or extreme range, relative to each other. If a pilot wants to get closer to an enemy, he and the enemy pilot make opposed Piloting rolls. The winner may choose to open or close range by one range increment. If one airship moves beyond extreme range, it has escaped the combat.

Vehicle Damage – When the Life score is reduced to zero, it simply stops working. Repair rolls may be made, unless the damage was the result of a Big Bomb or Lightning Gun.

Repairs – Characters should be given a chance to repair damage to a vehicle. This requires a Mechanics roll with appropriate tools and time (determined by the GM; in general major repairs will take d4 days).

Boarding - If vehicles are at close range, crews may attempt a boarding action, if possible.

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