The use of skills is optional. They are probably not necessary for short-term or one-off games. For lengthy campaigns or more fully fleshed-out game worlds, skills are recommended.

There are 24 default skills. GMs may invent new skills, sub-skills, or otherwise tinker as they see fit. Skills can be a useful way to showcase what's unique or interesting about a campaign setting. This can be done with new skills, or simply renaming existing skills.

When using sub-skills, follow this basic guide: Within a skill, you must specialize in X, Y, or Z (etc.). When using an aspect of the skill you're not specialized in, you roll at -10. Later, if you take the skill again, you can specialize in a different area.

Characters may choose a number of skills equal to the first digit of their Intelligence scores. For more skills, see Leveling Up.

Skill Scores
At character creation, each is linked to a stat. When you take a skill, you have it at the same score as the stat it’s linked to. Note that more skills are linked to Agility or Intelligence than to other stats.

If you don’t have a skill, your score in it is equal to half the current score of the linked stat.
Later, when you level up and improve your stats, the linked skills will also improve.

Skill Descriptions
Skills are very broad – Shoot lets you shoot anything, for example – you don’t need a separate skill for each weapon.

  • Block (Strength) – Use this during combat when you want to use force to stop an incoming blow. If you are unarmed, you can only Block unarmed attacks.
  • Burgle (Agility) – Use this to pick locks, break and enter, or other physical aspects of crime. If you want to pick pockets, use Sleight of Hand.
  • Charm (Spirit) – Use this to persuade, influence or seduce others with your personality.
  • Climb (Strength) – Use this to scale walls, trees, cliffs, etc. No roll is normally needed for climbing ladders, unless there are adverse circumstances.
  • Dodge (Agility) – Use this during combat when you want to use your agility to avoid an incoming blow. You can’t Dodge some ranged attacks.
  • Fight (Strength) – Use this to make melee attacks.
  • Forage (Intelligence) – Use this to find sustenance. This normally applies to wilderness settings, but it’s possible to forage through trash or other debris as well.
  • Gossip (Spirit) – Use this to gather information or spread rumors.
  • Heal (Intelligence) – Use this to provide first aid and restore some Life to wounded characters.
  • Hide (Agility) – Use this to avoid detection. Obviously, you can’t hide if there are no hiding places nearby…
  • Intimidate (Spirit) – Use this to scare others into doing what you want – or at least into making them think about it!
  • Knowledge (Intelligence) – Use this to see whether you remember bits of common knowledge, trivia, history, and so on.
  • Mechanics (Intelligence) – Use this to diagnose and repair complex machines.
  • Navigate (Intelligence) – Use this to figure out where you are and where you’re going, whether on land, sea or in the sky.
  • Notice (Intelligence) – Use this to perceive what’s going on around you.
  • Pilot (Dexterity) – Use this to operate vehicles
  • Research (Intelligence) – Use this to investigate by searching through written material – libraries, laboratories, and so on.
  • Ride (Dexterity) – Use this to ride animals and any vehicle with the word “cycle” in it.
  • Search (Intelligence) – Use this to find clues, hidden doors or specific items.
  • Shoot (Dexterity) – Use this to make ranged attacks in combat.
  • Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) – Use this to pick pockets, palm objects, and perform other feats of legerdemain.
  • Sneak (Dexterity) – Use this to move without being seen or heard.
  • Swim (Strength) – Use this to stay afloat and move through water, raw sewage, etc.
  • Track (Intelligence) – Use this to follow a trail.

Integrating Skills
Skills work with the basic rules with no modifications necessary. Situations where skills may be more appropriate than stats are flagged in the main text. Remember that skills always supersede stats - never make a stat roll if an appropriate skill covers the situation.

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