All games have bad guys and supporting cast. These guidelines apply.

Obviously, individual GMs can create enemies in whatever detail they wish. But the default rule is that enemies aren’t created in the same way as characters. The GM should simply assign them whatever scores seem appropriate.

"Monsters" is a generic term for any opponent, but usually refers to non-humanoid beings. Monsters are likely to have special abilities. These are best reflected as Powers.

"GM characters" are, as might be expected, characters that are controlled by the GM. They may be allies, adversaries, or simply random folks encountered for color. The GM should just assign whatever stats seem appropriate. If you're using skills, assume most skills will default to the appropriate stat. More important GM characters can be created exactly like player’s characters. The GM can simply “level up” his characters to the appropriate level.

See the Default Stuff section for a quick selection of generic bad guys.

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