In some settings, characters can invent new items, given the right tools and materials (GM’s call). To invent something, you need the following:

  • A clear idea and GM approval. Discuss your idea with the GM and make sure it’s reasonable, and agree on a clear-cut, consistent game effect.
  • Time. How long it takes to invent something is up to the GM. In general, personal gear will take 1d4 hours; vehicle-sized machinery could take 1d4 days or longer.
  • A successful Mind (or Mechanics or other appropriate skill) roll at the beginning, middle, and end of the project. A critical success at any step negates the need for further steps.
  • Appropriate tools. Without genre-appropriate tools, these rolls are at a penalty.
  • Materials. To build machines, you need parts. Parts are salvaged from other machines. Some machines can be converted into one or more units of salvage (this number is given in the equipment or vehicle description). To “harvest” available salvage takes 1 hour and the appropriate roll.

How much salvage it takes to create an invention is up to the GM, who must use common sense based on the size of the machine. As long as the player isn’t being totally unreasonable, the GM should reward creativity and not worry too much about engineering details.

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