These things aren’t combat, but they can still kill you…or least, scare the crap out of you. Or make you sick. Or smash you. You get the picture.

Falling – If you fail a Climb roll, you’ll fall. You can also fall if you’re near a ledge and something happens to upset your balance (the GM says when).

If you fall from a ledge or tree or anything else with reasonable hand-holds nearby, you get a Agility roll to stop the fall. Otherwise, you take d6 Bash damage for each 10 feet you fall.

Exhaustion – Any time the GM thinks you’re pushing your character too far, you’ll have to make a Strength roll after each hour of activity. If you fail, you’ll get Tired (-10 to all rolls). If you keep pushing, you’ll wind up Fatigued (-20) or, finally, Exhausted (-30). Keep pushing it, and you start taking d6 Bash damage (armor doesn’t count) with every failed test.

Exposure – Common sense and the GM’s say-so must dictate whether characters need to protect themselves from the elements. After awhile, extreme heat or cold can result in damage (treat all exposure as Burn damage). After each hour of exposure, you must make a Strength roll. If you fail, take d6 damage. Obviously, if this keeps up, you’re done for…

The Fear – Any time characters are confronted with anything both sinister and supernatural (an undead creature, for example) they must make a Spirit roll. If they fail, they get The Fear. When you’ve got The Fear, all rolls are at -20 and you must double move away from the source of fear.

Disease – Unfortunately, disease is as rampant in Gonen’s World as it is in ours. To avoid infection, make a Strength roll. Failure means you catch the disease, and suffer its symptoms.

Poison – Like disease, poison is resisted with a Strength roll. Failure means the poison takes effect. Poison should usually be handled as a temporary reduction in a main stat.

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