This information was accurate at the beginning of the "Crescent" City Heroes campaign. Obviously, things turned out badly for a few of the heroes described below. If time permits, I will go back and do updates (or someone else can…after all, it's a wiki).

The Defenders are Cape City's premiere superhero organization - the "A" team. With vast resources and celebrity status, there is little this charismatic and powerful team cannot accomplish.

OVERMAN: A being of great cosmic power, Overman is aptly named: his Aryan looks and white suit make him an instantly recognizable, almost iconic figure. He flies, shoots bolts out of his eyes, can lift an aircraft carrier - the whole nine yards. No other hero in Cape City even begins to approach his power (except, perhaps, Fallout). Overman is the defacto leader of the Defenders, and has been active since the mid-1980's. The media has a love-hate relationship with him; they want a male model with a shiny grin who will give them soundbites; instead, Overman is known as a laconic, somewhat world-weary figure who has let his bleary-eyed cynicism slip a few times in press interviews.

HELPING HAND: He may be a bit naive, a bit of a goody two-shoes, but he truly wants to help out. "Looks like someone needs a…Helping Hand!" This hero is a throwback to the Eisenhower era; he's been active since the late 1950's, (he is in his mid-60's!) but he still weilds great power. Slight superhuman strength and dexterity. Real power comes from a detachable hand that he can launch wherever it is needed. He would be the leader of the Defenders if it were a simple case of seniority, but he's a bit too unrealistic for the job. Instead, he enjoys his job as occasional mentor to Overman and his position as the conscience of the Defenders.

CINDER: She's aging, but she's still got it. Cinder, along with Overman, is of the generation of heroes that rose to prominence in the 1980's. She is a "firestarter," who can control flame with her emotions. Early in her career she had something of an infamous reputation, due to the chaotic and unstable nature of her power, but she has learned much control over the years. Now nearly 50 years old (though she doesn't look it), she's in many ways the "mother" to the youngest two members of the team, Skyscraper and the Fox.

SKYSCRAPER: More appropriately called "Skyscraper II," this hero took him name from the original Skyscraper, a hero who was active in the 1930's as a crony of the famed Gangbuster. A young, wise-cracking black man, Skyscraper seems to have no fear, which is not surprising considering he's bigger than anyone - when he wants to be. Skyscraper's power is simply that he can become giant-sized more or less at will, and we're not talking "the Hulk" here, we're talking Empire State Building. He's good natured, but has a lot to learn about control, both over his emotions and his powers. He is VERY popular with the public.

THE FOX: At 19 years old, she is the youngest member of the team. This former villain reformed with the counsel of Cinder. The Fox was once called Jailbait, and was the sidekick of the gorgeous but evil vice queen Strumpet (currently serving time). During a battle with the Defenders Jailbait was horribly wounded; Cinder nursed her back to health at Defenders headquarters, and gave testimony that kept Jailbait out of jail when Strumpet was sent down for life. The two forged a close bond, and Jailbait became The Fox. This much is public knowledge. The Fox excels at high-speed close combat, and has a few gadgets at her disposal, but is not believed to possess any actual "superpowers." She is extremely popular due to her skimpy costume and "bad-girl gone good" mystique.

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