Welcome to Arnegax. Arnegax is a game of swashbuckling adventure throughout the distant galaxy Arnegax, home to a diverse population of alien races and cultures. Hundreds of thousands of merchant ships ply the trade routes between planets and systems, while pirates and privateers prey on said ships and try to avoid the Galactic authorities. Open military hostilities between the various races are rare, but tensions are always high and no race is above employing mercenaries to further their goals, as long as they can retain plausible deniability.

The purple-skinned Brogan were the first spacefaring race in the galaxy, and as such they enjoy the most sophisticated level of technology, as well as status as the galaxy's sole "superpower." The Marit, on the other hand, are newcomers to the galactic community and have the lowest level of technological sophistication, and are generally viewed as uncouth, violent, rebellious teenagers by the other races.

The galaxy is governed by the Galactic Congress, which is and always has been chaired by the Brogan emissary. Not all the galaxy's spacefaring races are represented on the Congress; only the Brogan, Ghizan, Teros, and Norians have emissaries at the Congress. The Marit, Telatal, and Ph'nong are not allowed emissaries, but they are granted the right to petition Congress (though this rarely happens).

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